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YTO Airlines

YTO Worldwide Express was established on 28 MAY in 2000. YTO Express & YTO Cargo Airlines are both its subsidiary companies.

Facts & Figures:

   80 Transit hubs

   12,500 retails shops

   220 thousands employees

   2.1 billion parcels handled & 24.6 billion CNY Rev. in 2014

   Handled more than 12 million parcels per day in AUG 2015

   20.4% market share and ranking No.1 in Mainland China.

   3.5 billion parcels being handled & 35 billion CNY Rev. in 2015


YTO cargo is the airline of YTO Express , one of China’s largest express delivery companies .

     In 2015, YTO Cargo started commercial operation on Sep .

     In 2017, 5 more B737 are being delivered.

     In 2018,YTO will start receiving wide-body B757 for international deliveries!

     Now ! YTO needs more experienced B737&B757 captains!